53: The Value Of Intentionally Investing For Your Business’ Future, with Matt Wilber

Stories from Franchisees & Founders

In this episode, we’re with Matt Wilber a millennial entrepreneur that started Fit Body Boot Camp franchises with 7 locations and has a goal of opening in 100 locations.


Matt is definitely about the future and the big picture of the business. He values the importance of having a clear vision from the beginning and intentionally invests in his future goals. While learning from his earlier experiences, he now makes sure that even the most difficult decisions are made in order to protect the culture that he is building.


Check out this episode now and learn from this full-packed conversation with Matt Wilber and Brian Holmes.


What we talk about:

  • Matt’s journey to entrepreneurship
  • “Be careful who you listen to.”
  • Looking at business as a long term game from the start
  • Doing whatever it takes to make the plan work
  • Learning essential and useful skills
  • Going into franchising rather than starting your own business
  • Making time to connect with high performing franchisees
  • Knowing the “Why”
  • Really following the franchise system
  • “When the marketplace is confused, they don’t make a decision. When they don’t make a decision, they don’t buy from you.”
  • Having the right people for duplicating the culture for other locations
  • Believing and living out the core values
  • Having a crystal clear vision and mission
  • Making decisions to protect your culture
  • How Matt’s organization look like today
  • Investing in the future of the business today

What we mention: