58: When Should You Consider Selling Your Franchise – Franchise Secrets

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In this episode, Erik discusses through his other podcast, the Franchise Secrets Podcast, the points for you to consider when selling your franchise. There are good factors you need to identify to guide you in making this decision and things to carefully look into to help you make a wise choice.


Tune in to this episode now and understand more about why sellers sell and learn what you can do to be more effective and profitable in different situations.


What we talk about:

  • Why do people sell a franchise?
  • Some tax consequences and what to do about it
  • People buying for strategic reasons
  • Risk mitigation
  • Selling out because of life tragedy or life changes
  • The franchisor expectations factor
  • Industry shift
  • Changes in priority and heart
  • Who are the typical buyers?
  • How to start to have the selling/buying discussions
  • Looking at it from a buyer’s perspective
  • What if there’s not a buyer around?
  • Different valuations in different industries
  • Finding somebody that sees the fun in your business
  • Finding equity business partners that will run the business


What we mention: