52: Having A Healthy Balance, with David Schuck

Stories from Franchisees & Founders

In this episode, we’re with David Schuck, a multi-unit and multi-brand franchisee. David has a background in sports and entrepreneurship.  He is now working on a larger vision for the franchising world.

Being in a growing business, David realized, more and more, the importance of having a healthy balance between business and life. He spent time mapping out and defining his purpose and goals and now he is working towards building a bigger vision while strengthening his grounds in life and family.

Let’s join David Schuck and Brian Holmes now and gain more wisdom in this fulfilling journey of franchising.

What we talk about:

      • Having a good network of people and resources
      • Core differences between high-performing franchisees and lower-performing franchisees
      • Majoring in the minor
      • Having perseverance
      • The victim mentality
      • Knowing that other people are competent
      • Focusing on the right thing
      • Not having to be “The Player”
      • Having a healthy balanced life
      • Looking at other opportunities
      • Getting a larger development agreement
      • Playing the real estate game
      • Growing at the speed of our staff
      • David’s bigger vision in franchising
      • Having a clearly defined purpose
      • Spending time identifying opportunities
      • David’s goals for Q1 2020


      What we mention: